What is DHT

DHT is the primary cause of male pattern baldness.

Follicare attacks the major causes of hair loss at the cellular level by reducing the production of harmful dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body. The first line of defense in our formula is an all-natural DHT blocker: Saw Palmetto Extract. This extract blocks the enzymes that convert testosterone to DHT. Follicare also contains other DHT-fighting ingredients such as Nettles and Pumpkin Seed to put up a barrier against DHT before it has the chance to cause any damage.

Why Does DHT Matter?

It’s important to fully understand the main culprit of hair loss. DHT is a hormone created when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase interacts with the male hormone testosterone. A chemical reaction occurs resulting in unhealthy, high levels of DHT. Elevated DHT levels in the scalp cause androgentic alopecia, the fancy term for male pattern baldness.

DHT blockers provide an uncompromised approach to fighting hair loss naturally.

Follicare’s DHT blocking power is the proactive solution to stopping hair loss in its tracks! Follicare counteracts the chemical reaction at the cellular level that causes testosterone to be converted to DHT. By reducing the presence of this harmful by-product, the hair on your scalp is no longer under constant attack from the destructive effects of DHT. Instead, your scalp regains its natural balance and hair growth cycle again.

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